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Ballet Instruction by Laura Rime

"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams." -- Gene Kelly

Photo Albums

Teaching Teaching Demonstrating port de bras emphasizing flat hands to feel second position of the arms. 195203387 My little pixies at my pre-k class doing a caterpillar 195203388 End of the year tiny recital. The girls before the show. 199559511 They are so pleased with their dancing! 199559513 Lucy shows her 5th sou sou 199559514 Dressed up with one my students for Halloween class. 205903882 Now THAT's an assemble! As beautifully demonstrated by Amar Ramansar and Rebecca Curns. 205903883 Sou sou with the feet nice and tight together and as high on your half pointe as possible. 205903884 Tendu a la second. Tendu means to stretch, so make sure you work the foot all the way to the ends of the toes and keep your heel coming forward. 205903885 205903886 Facing the bar with the foot in the cou de pied position 205903887